Guidelines for Selecting Fellows

1. Upon tolling of the submission deadline, members of the selection committee will be requested to review the submitted documents for Fellow Candidates posted on a secure UCGIS project site. A username and password will be provided to all committee members.
2. Assuming some or all members of the selection committee desire to participate, an online session will be scheduled within two weeks (using WebEx, GoToMeeting, or Skype) to provide an opportunity for members of the selection committee to discuss among themselves the candidates.
3. After reviewing the documentation for all candidates, Selection Committee members will receive an automated email asking them to rank vote whether they desire to name 0, 1 or 2 fellows in the current year. An online ranked voting service utilizing the instantaneous runoff voting method and providing anonymity for voters is provided at (link is external) and will be used for the voting process. Committee members will be given a minimum of five days to cast their ranked votes. 
(Note: See the ranked-choice voting (RCV) example for choosing among favorite ice creams at (link is external). Although chocolate wins in straight voting among all of the candidates, notice that another flavor is preferred by most voters when a succession of instantaneous runoffs among all of the candidates is completed.)
4. After determining the number of fellows to be named, Selection Committee members will be asked to rank-choice vote all of the candidates. The same online voting service as listed in step 3 will be used. Committee members will be given a minimum of five days to cast their ranked votes.   
(Note: The vote distribution process in ranked voting when two or more candidates are to be selected from a field of candidates is more difficult to explain and illustrate. However, choosing two pizzas out of a field of five is illustrated at (link is external). Wikipedia as well provides detailed explanations on ranked voting processes, including this on ranked voting systems (link is external) and this on single transferable votes (link is external).)
5. Upon closing of the polls, all Selection Committee members will be provided with the election results including the detailed graphs as generated from the online reporting system. All detailed results including who was nominated should be kept confidential even after the naming of the candidates selected.