Symposium 2020 > FAQs 

Q: Now that it's been cancelled for its Hawaii venue for late May 2020, will the 2020 Symposium be rescheduled?

A: The Program Committee is making decisions about when and how to host and support portions of the previously scheduled program. This will take place online in the coming months, with all details TBD at this point. 

Q: What input did UCGIS use as it made its decision to cancel the Symposium? 

A: Social distancing is key to reducing spread of COVID-19. Restrictions and concerns about travel are affecting the majority of scheduled presenters and registered participants. These are likely to continue through May 2020, unfortunately. 

Q: I had already registered for the Symposium. Will my registration be refunded?

A: Yes, 100% of all registration funds collected will be refunded.