2021 Student Research Awards

The University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) is pleased to announce the recipients of its student awards for excellence in research during its 2021 Symposium.  We send a hearty thanks to the suite of judges from 15 different universities and geospatial organizations who evaluated the talks and posters, using multiple criteria including the robustness of the research and the effectiveness of its presentation.  We are very grateful to Esri and other sponsors who have made these awards and the Symposium possible through their financial support.

2021 Lightning Talk Awards

1st Place:  Mehak Sachdeva, Arizona State University: Why Scale Matters: Simpson’s Paradox, MAUP and Local Modeling

2nd Place: Shannon Ricci, North Carolina State University: Assessment of visitation trends at North Carolina artificial reefs using high-resolution satellite imagery

Honorable Mention: Jenna Epstein and Jeff Stern, University of Pennsylvania: Predicting Wildfires and Preparing Communities in Southern California


2021 Paper Awards

1st Place: Yue Lin, The Ohio State University: Identifying High Accuracy Regions in Traffic Camera Images to Enhance Density Estimation

2nd Place: Adam Gallaher, University of Connecticut: Estimating Second-Generation Biofuel Feedstock Production on Marginal Lands in Connecticut

Honorable Mention: Jinwoo Park, Texas A&M University: Measuring Accessibility to ICU Beds under the Uncertainty of Supply and Mobility


2021 Poster Awards

1st Place: Penelope Mitchell, University of Alabama: Geographic Disparities in Access to Medication for Opioid Use Disorder across US census Tracts based on Treatment Utilization Behavior

2nd Place: Fikriyah Winata, Univesrity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “My space and time are dictated by my jobs”: Space-Time Constraints for Female Domestic Workers in Hong Kong


While these students were the official presenters or first-authors and are being singled out for this recognition, other researchers may have contributed to the research as well and are named during the presentations on slides or on the posters.  All of the sessions were recorded and the recordings can be accessed via the Symposium schedule; the poster gallery is linked from the Symposium webpage.

Congratulations to these students and all of the presenters for their contributions to advancing the fields of geographic information science and its applications!

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