Membership Category for Joined Campus Systems

UCGIS welcomes membership from universities that already coordinate via administrative connections to other institutions, such as multiple campuses from within a state system. Specifics about this membership category (last updated June 2020) are described here.

  1. Campuses must have a formal mechanism for their own partnerships (within a state-wide or region-wide system, or other formal consortium).  A minimum of 2 campuses may comprise a group; there is no maximum number of campuses that can be affiliated.  However, no more than two institutions within the multi-campus group can be categorized by the current Carnegie Classification as Doctoral Universities with High or Very High Research Activity.  If there are three or more such institutions in the proposed group, those campuses must seek their own Full or Basic Membership that is in addition to or separate from the multi-campus system one being sought. 
  2. Delegate representation and Dues structure: 
    1. The base amount of annual dues is $2250 for the full group or system, regardless of the total number of campuses within the system.
    2. As a default, the membership includes 2 delegates to be distributed across the campuses at the discretion of the lead institution.
    3. If the whole system or any of its individual campuses wishes to have greater delegate representation, the system, or any of its campuses, can pay $250/year per additional delegate (up to a maximum of one delegate/campus, and a maximum of 5 per system).
    4. If a campus within an existing multi-campus system wishes to be its own stand-alone membership and have its own 2 delegates, it can also pursue its own stand-alone membership, completely apart from their system-wide affiliation.
    5. This system would go into place for any multi-campus systems wishing to join after January 1, 2021.
    6. Existing multi-campus members would have their current dues schemes left in place until December 31, 2026, and would shift into the adjusted amounts after that time.