Symposium 2021 > FAQs 

Q: Where do I find the online site for the Symposium itself?  

A: It's on a virtual conference platform called Hopin,  There you can register for the event and you'll get access to the sessions.

Q: I'm interested in one of the Education sessions, and it doesn't seem to be part of the Hopin platform. How do I find it?  

A: Our Future of GIS Education session will take place on Zoom instead!  Read more here, and register for this one specific session here

Q: Will the Symposium sessions be recorded?

A: Most sessions will be recorded and we will share access to the recordings afterwards.

QI'm a presenter in one of the sessions. How can I practice ahead of time?

APlease sign up for one of the practice sessions that UCGIS is hosting. Check your email for details.  Hopin also provides this information on sharing a Powerpoint or screen


Q: What technology do I need to participate in the Symposium?

A: Use the latest version of the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Please avoid using Brave, Safari,  Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge as these browsers lack the modern web technologies support necessary for online events to run in a web browser.


Q: Do I have to download  or install something to run Hopin?

A: No. Hopin runs in an internet browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). 


QCan attendees and presenters use their phones or tablets to connect or do they have to be at a computer to participate in a session?

AAttendees can use their mobile devices (phones or tablets) to watch a session as well as the Mobile App. However, presenters are unable to screenshare from phones or tablets. If a presentation is needed, that cannot be done on mobile devices and a regular computer will be needed. Or, the speaker can send the presentation to someone else who will be at their computer.


Q: I'm a panelist in one of the sessions. How do I share my audio and video?

A: All of the panel and paper sessions during the Symposium are moderated ones. When it's time for you to present, you will click "Ask to Share Audio and Video," and a moderator will approve your entry on to the screen. If you leave, you can ask to "Share Audio and Video" again.  


Q: What’s the difference between the multiple "chats" that under the Event, Stage, and Session tabs?

A: The event chat is for conference-wide discussions. It’s accessible on every page of the platform. The stage and session chats are for discussions during stage or session presentations.

Q: What happens when I send an attendee a direct message?

A: Attendees can message each other through direct messages. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat with in the People tab, click their profile photo and send the message. A red dot in the recipient’s People tab and on the envelope icon (top right) will let them know they have a new message.


Q: What happens when I invite another attendee to a video call?

A: The attendee will receive a direct message letting them know that you’ve invited them to a video call. You will both receive a link to a private session room within Hopin. The room will allow up to five people to share their webcam, therefore you may share the link with up to three other people.