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TRELIS 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii

The TRELIS workshops consist of a series of hands-on, participatory and experiential activities, combined with panel presentations to address topics under the following themes – communication and language, mentoring and coaching, addressing obstacles and conflicts, finding work-life balance, and developing individualized career trajectories. The workshop is designed for participants to develop confidence around these issues, experience a shared sense of belonging within this professional community, and engage within a mentoring framework that models what has been proven to be an effective STEM strategy, namely, women leading women.

Congratulations to those accepted to be part of our 2020 TRELIS cohort! 

Jennifer Bernstein, University of Southern California

Heng Cai, Texas A&M University

Patricia Carbajales-Dale, Clemson University

Laura Clemente-Harding, Engineer Research and Development Center: Geospatial Research Lab

Angela Cunningham, University of Luxembourg

Carolyn Fish, University of Oregon

Anna Klimaszewski-Patterson, California State University, Sacramento

Candice Landry, Pennsylvania State University at Altoona

Jieun Lee, University of Northern Colorado

Yanan Li, Texas State University

Yue Qin, The Ohio State University

Kim Rollings, University of Notre Dame

Cecilia Smith, University of Chicago

Jelena Vukomanovic, North Carolina State University

Ashley York, Rowan University