We are pleased to announce the following members of our inaugural cohort. These TRELIS Fellows will participate in a 3-day workshop that has been designed to target topics and concerns of mid-career individuals, and focus on leadership pathways. Immediately following the workshop, the TRELIS Fellows will continue their professional development exchanges during the UCGIS Symposium, co-located this year with the CaGIS AutoCarto in Madison. In the coming years TRELIS will focus on additional themes as we aim to meet the very strong interest for these professional development activities.

Allison Bailey, University of North Georgia

Kirsten Beyer, Medical College of Wisconsin

Justine Blanford, Pennsylvania State University

Tanya Buckingham, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Laure Charleux, University of Minnesota - Duluth

Somayeh Dodge, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Amy Frazier, Oklahoma State University

Monica Haddad, Iowa State University

Lucy Huang, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

Jing Li, University of Denver

Jia Lu, Valdosta State University

Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger, Clark University

Hamil Pearsall, Temple University

Jane Read, Syracuse University

Elizabeth Walton, University of South Florida

Angela Yao, University of Georgia