UCGIS has made the decision to cancel its upcoming in-person Symposium that had been scheduled to take place May 29-31, 2020, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  We are working on plans to offer selected portions of the program, described below, in online formats and will update our Symposium page as soon as details are available.  Be well! 

The 2020 Symposium

Our 2020 Symposium will model the exciting and innovative ways that geographic information science and its technologies (GIS&T) are connecting islands across academia. It will be structured to highlight and promote the deliberate integration of GIS&T research, education, and application activities at universities and with our non-academic partners. We will showcase cohesive themes, individual projects, and lines of scholarly activity being undertaken by groups of individuals that model these convergent practices. Individual sessions will explore how related research, education and application activities are woven together to jointly address societal needs. Themes and topics that demonstrate collaborations across multiple departments within a single academic institution or collaborations across multiple universities will be presented, along with sessions that highlight university partnerships with researchers and educators outside of academia.  

GIS&T Body of Knowledge

The Geographic Information Science & Technologies Body of Knowledge (BoK) is now onlineNew topics are added regularly, and original ones are being revised and expanded. The Editorial Team is always looking for authors and reviewers. Contribute to this global effort for an open, current, and vibrant collection of knowledge for our discipline. 

Selected recent topics include:

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UCGIS part of new National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator Award

UCGIS is a partner in a $1 million grant from a new interdisciplinary NSF program to foster building an "open knowledge network" for spatial decision support technologies. Individuals from UCGIS’s leadership group are members of a team of 13 researchers and practitioners from 10 different institutions and organizations who are collectively focused on spatial decision support (SDS) systems, a systematic approach that improves access to tools for analyzing geographic data. With this project, the team will address persistent challenges to integrating information across complex organizational networks and across an array of data and tools developed for narrow (often disciplinary) applications.

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