UCGIS Communications Committee


The Communications Committee supports the exchange of information between and within 1) UCGIS (its Board and Leadership), 2) the Delegates from UCGIS member institutions, and 3) individuals and organizations external to UCGIS.  These exchanges may involve the use of our website, social media, written documents such as press releases, and other forms of electronic communication. 

History & Context

Over the course of its history the Communications Committee has served a variety of ad hoc functions to aid the Executive Committee in supporting and promoting UCGIS. It is not a Bylaws-specified Standing Committee. 


The following activities fall under the auspices of the Communications Committee: 

  1. Drafting and distributing press releases (approved by the Board) about grants received, recipients of annual Awards, selected Fellows, notable UCGIS achievements or accomplishments, etc.
  2. Using different social media accounts for sharing information about UCGIS, promoting UCGIS, and highlighting information about UCGIS member institutions. Individuals on the Communications Committee can write content themselves or secure invitations from other guest contributors. 
    1. UCGIS website’s blog, (https://www.ucgis.org/news-and-stories
    2. Twitter (https://twitter.com/UCGIScience
    3. Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/University-Consortium-for-Geographic-Information-Science-UCGIS-123382444514727/
    4. LinkedIn (we do not currently have a LinkedIn presence)
  3. Supporting the webinar series. This can involve all work with speakers (identifying, inviting, scheduling, practicing, hosting webinars) and advertising and promoting the event, or some portion of those required tasks, in coordination with the Executive Director. 

The following activities are not the responsibility of the Communications Committee:

  1. Recording or compiling information from any Board or Council Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, etc.)
  2. Regular content updates of the UCGIS website.


The committee carries out all actions with the approval of the Executive Director. 

Composition of the Committee

  1. The Committee is led by a Chair who is appointed by the UCGIS Board of Directors for a period of three years. Volunteers for the Chair appointment are encouraged. The Vice-chair is selected annually by the Chair from among the committee members.
  2. Each year, the President invites Delegates to select a committee on which they would like to serve as a member. Other, non-Delegate individuals from UCGIS member institutions or units are invited to become active members of this Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Meeting arrangements and expectations

  1. Since this is an ad hoc committee, regular online meetings are not required. However, members of the committee should communicate regularly and act upon any relevant new membership opportunities. 
  2. The Chair is encouraged to organize a face-to-face meeting of the Committee at the annual Symposium. This is usually organized as a breakfast or lunch. 
  3. All meetings of this Committee will be organized to be agenda-driven, focused, and efficient in their time.


  1. At each monthly Board Meeting, the Chair or Vice-Chair will be provided with an opportunity to make a brief oral report on activities (5 minutes or less). If the Chair knows that she or he will want more time to discuss an idea with the Board or seek their input, at least seven days prior to the meeting the Chair can request of the President and Executive Director that their item be added to the Agenda.
  2. Twice annually, the Chair will produce a brief written report (2-3 pages) prior to each Symposium and December Council Meeting that will be shared with the Delegates for review and discussion. 

Resources and budget

  1. GoToMeeting can be used to host any meetings of the Committee. 
  2. Work spaces for the Committee are available in TeamWorkPM and the UCGIS website.
  3. Money (up to $100) is available to a Committee Chair to defray costs incurred during an in-person Committee meeting while at the Symposium (a breakfast/lunch meeting, a happy hour, etc.)
  4. The Chair of the Committee is eligible for reimbursement to defray personal expenses incurred to attend the annual Symposium. The amount/year is determined by the Treasurer and the Executive Director and the Treasurer, and has been $500/person in recent years. 


  1. As needed, contributions to organizational documents such as white papers and reports may be requested of this Committee.