UCGIS Fellows Program

History and Significance
Since 2010, UCGIS has acknowledged those individuals who have contributed to the advancement of geographic information science and technology. The status of UCGIS Fellow is bestowed on the recipient who has had an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the spatial disciplines and communities of practice that use spatial information to complement and support their business operations or academic activities.

The geospatial community brings together individuals from diverse spatial disciplines including but not limited to cartography, computer science, geodesy, geography, geographic information science, photogrammetry, remote sensing, spatial information science, and surveying. These individuals participate in one or more communities of practice. Examples of communities of practice include agriculture, defense, education, emergency management, forestry, health, environment and natural resources management, education, government, landscape architecture, nonprofit groups, planning and public administration, transportation, tourism, and more.
Profile of UCGIS Fellows

Candidates for Fellow should have an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the spatial disciplines and communities of practice described above. Service that furthers the mission of UCGIS is a strong consideration to be elected to Fellow. That mission includes to:

  • Advance research in the field of Geographic Information Science;
  • Expand and strengthen Geographic Information Science education;
  • Advocate policies for the promotion of the ethical use of and access to geographic information technologies; and,
  • Build scholarly communities and networks to foster multi-disciplinary GIS research and education.

The UCGIS Board of Directors and the current UCGIS Fellows welcome nominations for others to join this illustrious group.
Nomination Instructions
Candidates for Fellow must be nominated by a delegate from a UCGIS member institution or by an existing Fellow. To complete the nomination, the nominator should provide the following information:

  1. A signed nomination letter that specifically describes the outstanding intellectual, technical, and/or professional geographic information science and technology (GIS&T) accomplishments and contributions that merit election to the Grade of Fellow;

  2. A complete curriculum vitae that includes full contact information for the nominee including mailing address and email; detailed information related to education; employment history; publication record; professional service record; documentation of service within UCGIS if any; and other pertinent information such as software products developed, patents, and membership in learned societies;
  3. A minimum of two additional support letters of recommendation that can speak to the specific question of why the individual should be accorded the honor and status of being a UCGIS Fellow.
​Electronic submissions are required. All materials should be sent to Amy Rock (UCGIS Executive Director, [email protected]). Only pdf and Word files are accepted. File titles should begin with the last name of the person nominated followed by the content of the submission. (Examples: SmithNomination.pdf, SmithVitae.doc, SmithSupportLtrByJones.docx). 

Guidance in Preparing Nomination Letters
Nominators are strongly encouraged to contact Harlan Onsrud ([email protected]) if there are questions related to the nomination.  Nominators are also encouraged to review the profiles of current fellows
Deadline for Submitting Nominations
Please submit nominations on or before Monday March 6, 2023. The nomination letter, curriculum vitae, and support letters of recommendation for each nominee will be posted by the UCGIS Executive Director for each nominee in a Google drive accessible only to selection committee members. These will be expunged after the voting.
Review and Selection Process
The selection committee consists of all past UCGIS Fellows and the immediate past president, current president and president elect of UCGIS. In 2023 through 2025, no more than three Fellows will be chosen. A detailed description of the selection process can be reviewed here.

Notification of Selection
Nominators and successful inductees will be notified by the UCGIS President no later than March 27, 2023.

UCGIS Fellows Recognition
The successful nominees will be inducted as new Fellows in a ceremony that will take place during the UCGIS Symposium at Yale University in June 2023