Interview with new Executive Director Aaron Addison

On July 1, 2021, Aaron Addison took over the helm of UCGIS as its new Executive Director. He joins UCGIS with decades of experience with geospatial technologies, data management, teaching & learning, and organizational management in higher educational contexts.  We asked him to share his thoughts after his first couple of months on the job. 

UCGIS: What drew you most to the idea of working with us?    

Aaron: Having served as a past delegate and committee chair, I already knew that UCGIS was an amazing organization, so the decision was not difficult.  Many of my values around geospatial policy, education and training are in full alignment with UCGIS, so that certainly helped. 

More broadly I enjoy working with the geospatial community and learning what UCGIS members have been working on and how the organization can provide value to its members.  UCGIS is a fantastic platform for our community and one that has had excellent leadership.  My hope is that I can continue that servant leadership model and see UCGIS continue to not only grow, but be relevant in the ever expanding domains of geospatial research, education, and policy.

UCGIS What are some areas of activity that you think UCGIS might get into in the coming years?

Aaron: I think it is a very exciting time to be involved with UCGIS.  There are so many opportunities it can be challenging to focus at times.  We’ll be looking at many of these with the Board, but one example would be expanding our partnerships with private industry.  Organizationally we will be beginning a new strategic planning cycle, so stay tuned for that as well!

UCGIS: Tell us something about your work outside of geospatial/data. 

Aaron: My work outside always seems to involve geospatial in some way. I have over 30 years of experience leading cave exploration expeditions, which focus on not only discoveries, but the documentation through field notes, cartography and spatial relationships of the world beneath our feet.   This information can be used by land & resource managers and scientists, but the real reason I do it is that I enjoy being the in the field more than anything!

Welcome to UCGIS, Aaron!  The community is excited for your leadership!

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